Leading On Opportunity Council Releases Statement Opposing HB 514

June 6, 2018

Leading On Opportunity Council Releases Statement Opposing HB 514

Council Formed to Improve Economic Mobility Stands Against Legislation and Calls for Bold Leadership

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Leading On Opportunity Task Force Report found that Charlotte-Mecklenburg has a deep history of segregation and discrimination, fueling patterns of isolation in our neighborhoods and schools that remain evident today. Profound segregation, by race and income, presents a significant barrier to opportunity for children, youth and families in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

The Leading On Opportunity Council, formed to address Charlotte ranking last in cities for economic mobility, opposes North Carolina General Assembly House Bill 514. Rather than enacting laws that pit our communities against each other, it’s clear from our work that residents want legislators and local government leaders working together to develop solutions that ensure equitable educational outcomes.

House Bill 514 runs counter to our vision for a community that cares about all our children and youth regardless of income, race or zip code. Although this law passed, there are multiple alternative pathways forward. We implore bold leadership to abstain from exercising the authority enacted in this bill. Elected officials from town councils, municipalities and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools must work together to improve the lives of all children and youth without further exacerbating income and racial segregation in our schools.

Together, we stand for a more inclusive, fair and just community.

About Leading on Opportunity
Leading on Opportunity convenes and connects sectors across the community to implement the recommendations of the Opportunity Task Force to improve economic mobility in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. We take a systemic approach to address the key determinants of economic mobility, which include early childhood education, college and career readiness, and family stability, and the cross-cutting factors of segregation and social capital. For more information about Leading on Opportunity, visit: www.leadingonopportunity.org.

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